What we do?

Key Issues

#1: Relief isn’t getting to those who need it most.

Despite hundreds of relief groups receiving billions, basic services are not reaching those who need it most. Donations are sitting in the bank while suffering that should be prevented isn’t. DAP is working to improve the effectiveness of relief by focusing on the transparency and public accountability of agencies and organizations with critical life-saving responsibilities.

#2: The public is “donating in the dark.”

After major disasters occur, hundreds, if not thousands of groups solicit donations from a generous public. Unfortunately, brand recognition, emotional appeals and generic anecdotes raise the most cash instead of those with the greatest capacity to deliver. By improving the transparency and public accountability of the humanitarian aid/relief sector, DAP is working to make sure donated dollars save more lives.


#3: Insufficient planning is resulting in inadequate responses and leaving people vulnerable

Events such as Hurricane Katrina, Haiti’s earthquake, and Japan’s tsunami/nuclear disaster demonstrate that catastrophic disasters can and will continue to occur. We must ensure “lessons learned” are not forgotten as quickly as camera crews pack up and head home.

DAP minimizes the devastating effects of disasters by infusing best practices, lessons learned, and public accountability into the operations of communities, government agencies, and disaster relief/humanitarian aid groups.